8 Creative Ways to Wear Scrunchies to Work

Looking professional equates to looking put-together at all times—and your hair isn’t an exemption. Whether you’re working in a conservative office or in a creative workplace, scrunchies will allow you to walk out the door with confidence any day of the week no matter what hairstyle you have. If you’re wondering how your hair accessory can elevate your basic office hairstyles, keep reading on our guide

  1. Create an effortlessly chic ponytail 

When you’re in a rush every morning, the first hairstyle that comes to mind is ponytail. With a simple twist on your hair accessory, you’ll be able to make your effortless hairstyle look stylish for work. Just opt for scrunchies with an elegant design be it print, color, or embellishment.

Velvet and silk scrunchies in neutral and jewel tones add some sophistication to your basic hairstyle. If you think a ponytail is too boring, amp it up with curls and braids, and don’t forget to finish the look with crystal-embellished scrunchies. A sleek ponytail simply shows you’re in control—perfect for board meetings to show them who’s the boss.

  1. Scrunchies make your casual buns polished and sleek.

If you think a top bun feels too carefree and casual for the office, go a bit lower or keep it on sides. The key is choosing an elegant scrunchie that holds your buns in place, while keeping them polished and sleek for work. Your hair accessory will surely elevate your on-the-go hairstyle without effort.

  1. Add some romantic touch to your braided hairstyles with scrunchies.

It’s hard to reconcile our favorite party hairstyles with the office dress code that requires conservative yet stylish vibe, but you’ll never go wrong with braids. The ways of braiding your hair are endless—think of French braids, Dutch braids, fishtail braids, and waterfall braids that add some flair to your office looks.

Instead of using scrunchies just to secure your braids on the ends, make them the finishing accessory by wearing them on the top or in the middle of your braids. Braided hairstyles will take you from office to parties and beyond.

  1. Scrunchies make your half up-dos sharp and professional.

You might love your long hair, but some strands can interfere with your productivity at work. During your office hours, you don’t want to keep on pushing your hair out of your face, so a half up-do would be great. While you can traditionally secure your half up-do with a bobby pin, scrunchies will make everything a bit unexpected, giving a chic, elegant appeal to your look.

  1. Think of a topknot braid that looks sassy with scrunchies.

Sometimes, you want to show off your braiding skills and creativity, but a long braid isn’t the most practical hairstyle for work. Think of rocking your braids in a topknot instead, adding a creative flair on your office looks while keeping everything sleek. Just go for a classic scrunchie design to bring out the beauty in your hairstyle.

  1. Get some natural waves with scrunchies.

Your hair doesn’t have to be perfectly styled every day, just to look professional. If you want to rock some natural waves but have no time for a curling iron, think of a scrunchie as your natural curling tool. Before you leave at home, twist your hair from a ponytail into a bun and secure it with a scrunchie.

Once you arrive at the office, loosen up your hair to get natural waves. This will add some body and style to your hairstyle, without looking over-the-top. A great thing, your scrunchies will always be handy whenever you want to pull your hair back into a ponytail.

  1. Scrunchies make your curls more fun and fashion-forward.

If you’ve got some time to style your hair, don’t feel limited to a basic hairstyle. Loose curls are a beautiful way to add life to office looks. If you’re pressed on time, you can just curl your ends and leave the rest of your hair straight. Just complete your hairstyle with a chic scrunchie, whether wearing your curls in a ponytail or in a half up-do.

  1. Opt for a scrunchie design that reflects your personal style.

Your hair accessory says a lot about you, so opt for scrunchies that are fit for your working environment at the same time reflect your personal style and individuality. While a classic velvet scrunchie shows you are a reliable, serious person when it comes to work, a printed scrunchie says you’re not afraid to think outside the box.

Remember, how you style your hair for work is just as important as the office clothes you wear. Some jobs require a more conservative dress code and classic hairstyles, so you should also opt for hair accessories that keep you chic and professional. Since you’ll only have a few seconds to make a great impression, opt for a scrunchie that will do the tricks for you!

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