Finding Harmony

Harmony.  I absolutely love that a busy mom of 3 and owner of 2 salons, the word harmony depends on the day! Sometimes our harmony is a little hard to find between the meltdowns and running the race of life. Other times, our harmony is beautifully flowing and we are all gloriously in-sync. When life gets overwhelming, I’ve become a BIG fan of deep breaths and sorting out my emotions. A fan of figuring out where the overwhelm is coming from, pinpointing it, and moving forward.  It’s so important to take care of ourselves in order to provide the best “me” for everyone around.

Taking care of myself includes working out, morning meditation and nightly reflection and express journaling. What’s express journaling? Well any of you mommies out there, it’s a God send! It helps organize YOUR emotions before bed, fast.  Because most of the time, we’re sorting out everybody else’s emotions. By the time I hit my bed I’m so tired from the busy day that this journaling technique literally takes me seconds and sometimes even, it’s done in the dark! Give it a try I’ll walk you through it....grab a pen and paper. Write 3 feelings you have. ANY feeling. If the feelings you write aren’t your favorite, on the next line write how you’d RATHER feel. Here is an example:

I’m feeling: Sad, tired, frustrated.

I’d want to feel: Happy, energy, calm.

This technique has completely shifted my focus and I’ve even started using it with my girls!  Having 3 girls there is a whole lot of emotions going on in our house and we need all the harmony we can get....ask my husband 🤣 I’ve learned so many techniques in my days to help process my own emotions as a mom, to now teaching my own kids at a young age to use the same techniques is simply a life changer!  When they practice journaling or drawing their emotions out it really saves us both from getting frustrated, and instead find the feeling that we’re in search of. Get a cute notebook they love and some fun pens, BOOM you’re in business.

Mother’s, may God give you strength to do your best and fill you up with all you need every day.

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