Holiday Gift Guide

We know, the holidays are fast approaching so we're trying to make your holiday season just a little bit simpler with our holiday gift guide! We've decided to make it a blog this year so it won't get lost in the thousands of emails you'll get over the next few months. We've narrowed down 4 types of women in your life (we know there are way more, keep an eye out for part 2) to help you narrow down the perfect gift!

Without further delay, welcome to your 2019 Phyllis and Franklin Holiday gift guide. 

For the Self Care Specialist.

We all know this one, she's raving about her favorite self-care routine from nightly face masks to essential oils to jade rollers. This is the woman prioritizing her wellness.

For her, the Satin Collection rings true. It's self care for your hair, the softest, smoothest scrunchie that protects your hair while you focus on all of the other care elements. 

For the Career Woman.

She's focused on climbing that later, building her empire, and making her mark on the world. The no-nonsense sharp shooter in your life. 

The Classic, why because it's our revamped take on a timeless look. Faux leather solid color scrunchies. This pairs well for the woman in charge for keeping it a bit more edgy at the office, over power lunches, and afterwork drinks. 

For the Wonder Woman.  

She's one of those. You look at her and wonder how on earth she gets way more accomplished in 24 hours than you could possibly imagine. When she's not meal prepping for her family, picking up her kids from school, or running her home-based business, she's there to lend an ear when you need it, catch up over a beverage and remind you what life's all about. She really is Wonder woman in your eyes. 

For the tough act to follow, The Pack collection suits her perfectly. There is no one type that she would fit in too, but she needs the versatility to be able to pick up a scrunchie and tackle what the day throw at her. The Packs are curated by selecting a handful of our best sellers and most versatile scrunchies. They're not basic by any means, but they will always get you from point A to B. 

For the Fitness Queen

Her wardrobe is essentially filled with multi-colored stretchy pants and her sneaker collection is out of this world. Not only does she look the part but she's fit AF. For this lovely lady, The Stripe or The Polka Dot collections are our top picks. The lightweight fabric keeps hair out of your face but durable enough for the sweatiest of sweats. 



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