Bringing Scrunchies Back

Trends are cyclical, and designers keep on taking inspirations from the past, revamping the old looks and branding them as new. The 90s-inspired fashion began to make a revival, and scrunchies made a comeback, looking sleeker than ever. Now that it has the seal of approval from trendsetters and fashion icons, you might be wondering why they’re back again, and should you wear one?

Why Scrunchies Made a Comeback in Fashion?

When Balenciaga featured a leather scrunchie stamped with a gold logo in its resort 2018 collection, the fashion sphere noticed the trend, declaring the return of '90s hair accessory. A great thing, scrunchies of every color, fabric, and style are everywhere now, so you should wear them to make a fashion statement.

Scrunchies are the perfect fix for lazy hair days.

Whether you want to secure your hair in a ballerina bun or keep it pulled back into a ponytail, scrunchies give your hair game a luxurious touch. It can take you from gym workouts to board meetings at the office when you need to keep your hair off your face. More than that, the possibilities of styling your hair with scrunchies are endless.

It’s a hair accessory that makes a fashion statement.

It might be challenging to get a fashion-forward look when you’re just wearing a laidback outfit, but scrunchies can instantly make you glamorous. From pearl-embellished to leopard print, you’ll be able to add some pop of color to your style, infuse prints in your basic ensembles, and even match your hair tie with your outfit.

Scrunchies are gentler on your hair than elastic bands.

These fabric hair ties have been revamped to include silk and satin in their variations, making them more comfortable and gentler to curlier, coarser hair types. Do you know these scrunchies are the best to sleep in? These hair accessories will never pull your easy-to-tangle hair no matter how much you toss and turn at night. If you love to rock ponytail hairstyle all the time, scrunchies are a great way to do it without straining your scalp.

It says a lot about your personal style and individuality.

Scrunchies let you extend your personal style above your neck, and it’s a great way of adding more personality into your day-to-day look. If you want to channel your edgy give, think of a studded leather scrunchie that says it all. On the other hand, oversized and over-the-top scrunchies will let you channel your trendy style and rock avant-garde looks. If you want to express yourself through your style, start with your hair accessory.

Scrunchies are the perfect combination of nostalgia and novelty.

Do you know nostalgia makes people feel comforted in times of crisis? Scrunchies have nostalgic appeal into them, bringing back the memories of innocence and fun. You might gave up ballet long ago, but there are ballerina-looking scrunchies to bring back the memories you associate with your recitals. You may also go for old-school textures and retro prints to relieve your childhood times.

Indeed, the '90s hair tie got a high-fashion makeover—thanks to designers who re-imagined the hair accessory, making it extraordinary and fashion-forward. Since scrunchies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, you should have them in your arsenal to give you a style statement.


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