Secrets of the Trade: Megan Giaimo’s Favorite Styling tips

If you are anything like me, you’ve tried many many Pinterest “how-to’s” that claim to be easy and promise to give you perfect, beautiful hair. Well if you are even more like me, you have had many many fails and very few successes following these tutorials.

So what does every woman do next? Of course you go and visit your amazing hair stylist and ask the golden question ”Now how do I make my hair look this good when I do it myself?”

As a Stylist and Salon Owner I get asked this question quite a few times a day. So I decided to break it down, make it simple and give women the confidence to give it a try. The one style most women want to wear is that effortless yet perfect, loose wave, with a texture that says “ I woke up like this”.  I’m here to share with you a few tricks of the trade, so let’s get to it!

One of the first things you have to consider is that less is more. Less washing, less product, and most of all less heat on the hair will make a huge difference.

If you want that perfect, loose wave, with an effortless texture like you hardly spent any time on it, this is how you get it...First, wash your hair at night and let it air dry. When you wake up the next morning, spray some dry shampoo right at the root. Next, get that curling iron out. Start your curl mid shaft, and leaving the ends of your hair out. Repeat this on each section of your hair. Let your hair cool, then spray a texturizer (I absolutely love the Davines Texturizing Spray)  Lastly, run your fingers throughout your hair. There you have it - the perfect beachy wave in just a few quick steps!

You can prolong this style until the next day by  wrapping your hair into a loose bun (at the top of your head) and securing it with a scrunchie. When you wake up, take the scrunchie out and simply run your fingers through it. Don’t brush it! Touch up the curls around your face with your curling iron if you even need to. I always finish my second day hair with hair spray (my fave: Schwarzkopf Osis Session Label Texture Hair Spray). I often can even last a third day with this style.

I promise after a couple times of doing this, you’ll seem like a pro.

When all else fails, make a low bun with your scrunchie (making sure to pull some pieces out around your face) or even a high top knot and dress it up with a fancy, silky, decorative scrunchie.

- Megan Giaimo 
Instagram: @sweptbyhair

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